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Standards compliance advice

Redmond lighting design.  Design for public lighting, street lighting, and commercial lighting.Even a small lighting project is required to comply with approximately fifty pieces of legislation, international and national standards code of practise or best practice documents.  We can offer you advice on standards compliance on third party designs to ensure that it complies with all regulations, is energy efficient and maintenance friendly.

Standards compliance is extremely important and it is essential that you are not approving or accepting substandard proposals from non-competent designers, particularly as ignorance is not a defence in the eyes of the law.

Standards compliance ensures that your lighting project meets the statutory duties of the client, the designer and the contractor along with numerous international performance criterion.  It also assists you in weeding out equipment that will be an unnecessary burden on your energy consumption and your maintenance budget.

Because standards directly affecting lighting are always changing, standards compliance is a constantly moving target which can cause issues for the unaware.

Please contact us to see how our standards compliance service can help you meet your safety and health requirements as well as saving you energy and reduce maintenance costs.  

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