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Reduce your energy usage

Regardless of the size of your organisation, public or private sector; we all have to reduce energy usage.  Lighting technology has advanced rapidly recently on many fronts.  LEDs and smart interactive control systems make it easier to reduce your energy usage and to reduce your energy bill, if you know how to apply it correctly.

Changes in standards and practises make lighting design more logical and better suited to the actual task.  Variable lighting levels and adjustments to take visual efficacy into account enables you to reduce your energy usage in a practical manner.

However, the priority always has to be meeting the international or national standards and adhering to best practise must outweigh potential energy savings.  Standards have derived from many years’ study and application and ensure that you comply with relevant safety requirements.  This is true of lighting a motorway, a hamlet, an office or a factory.

We can help you reduce your energy consumption through intelligent design and our knowledge of technology.  We can advise on solutions for new projects or for retro fit into older installations regardless of your application.

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