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Public Lighting Authority


Public Lighting Authority Task

The public lighting authority task is changing in recognition of the need to reduce energy and maintenance costs by embracing modern technologies and practises.

Each public lighting authority faces many common challenges including energy reduction targets, constrained budgets and occasionally a lack of in-depth knowledge of available technology caused by historic factors within the local authority.


Public Lighting Authority’s Changing Role

The public lighting authority role has changed from managing a maintenance contractor to actively managing its assets and searching out savings from strategic development and greater control of its inventory.

This welcome change in the public lighting authority role is bringing its own challenges.  Not least, the additional necessary workload within the local authority which is not being reflected in staffing levels in most cases.


The Challenge for the Public Lighting Authority

The public lighting authority is faced with making further savings than currently being achieved to save money and meet the 2020 energy targets.  The current practise of changing light sources may not be enough in the long term to achieve these goals, especially with the additional loads being added from unfinished residential estates.

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We offer a range of tailored supports to suit the needs of the public lighting authority including:

Lighting Design   Third Party Proposal Assessment   Lighting Specification   Compliance Advice  Project Supervisor Design Phase  Feasibility Studies   Technology Assessment   Cost Benefit Analysis   Strategic Planning Assistance   Database & Asset Management  CMS Management

We offer the same range of knowledge and support as if you had an experienced lighting department.  Please contact us to see how we can save you energy and reduce maintenance costs.

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