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Proposal Assessment

Redmond lighting design.  Design for public lighting, street lighting, and commercial lighting.We offer proposal assessment for third party lighting design and equipment submissions.  This assists you in improving the standard of the lighting designs and the resultant equipment accepted by you.  Our experience makes design and equipment appraisal swift and concise, highlighting areas that need attention before the submission is accepted by you.

We are happy for you to pass our proposal assessment on to the proposer or their interested agents, which means the process is simplified for you.  As independent lighting professionals we do not favour one supplier over another and our written proposal assessment is based only on the design and technical data supplied specifically to the project under consideration. 

Our proposal assessment service helps you to ensure that sustainable, energy efficient solutions are accepted and that maintenance friendly equipment is added to your inventory

Please contact us to see how our proposal assessment service can help you save energy and reduce maintenance costs.  

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