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Lighting Specification

Redmond lighting design.  Design for public lighting, street lighting, and commercial lighting.We can assist you in preparing lighting specification documents for once off projects or as part of your overall county specification.  The county specification in particular is important as it assists in preventing developers installing poor quality schemes with maintenance intensive equipment when circulated as part of the county planning process.

Our lighting specification is based on reinforcing the statutory duties of designers to be competent to undertake the task and that they meet the requirements laid out in the current construction regulations.  In addition it sets performance criteria for the luminaire.  This ensures that you end up with a quality luminaire that offers a highly energy efficient result.

By utilising a lighting specification as a standard document issued as part of the planning process you reduce the number of non-compliant or erroneous designs.  This saves you time deciphering poor quality lighting design proposals and allows you to rule out problem installations prior to equipment being installed. 

Please contact us to see how our lighting specification service can save you energy and reduce maintenance costs.  

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