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Database and Asset Management


Redmond lighting design.  Design for public lighting, street lighting, and commercial lighting.Many local authorities depend on their maintenance contractor to manage their database. While the maintenance contractor has a role in keeping the database updated, allowing them to manage the system suggests a lack of supervision by the local authority.  Certainly local authorities with a full lighting team would not allow such control by the maintenance contractor.  In some instances allowing such control by the maintenance contractor may lead to a conflict of interest.

Local authorities with their own dedicated lighting team operate their database themselves.  This ensures they have a more up to date knowledge of their asset and its overall condition, which provides a strong basis for planning strategic upgrades.  By utilising their database fully it means they have more control over maintenance performance.

Keeping the database up to date also ensures more accurate energy billing, which is an essential step to saving energy and meeting the 2020 target and the 2030 targets currently being negotiated.  Realistically, if you don’t know how much energy you consume to begin with, how can you know you have actually saved any?

We offer a tailored management service for your database and for your energy billing reconciliation.  This service is based on individual local authorities’ requirements and can be carried out on site or remotely.

Please contact us to see how our database and asset management service can save you energy and reduce maintenance costs.

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