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CMS Management


Redmond lighting design.  Design for public lighting, street lighting, and commercial lighting.CMS is a management tool often overlooked by Irish local authorities, despite their wide spread use in other regions.  CMS brings a high level of control of the lighting asset as well as being an excellent way to save money on scouting and maintenance costs.  It also offers significant assistance in maintenance contractor supervision.

CMS has the ability to predict lantern failure and proper analysis of the predicted failures enables grouping of maintenance visits, thereby reducing costs and preventing outages.  Failure history can also be analysed for repeat faults, allowing appropriate warranty claims and builds a useful picture of equipment reliability, assisting in future equipment selection.

We can set up your CMS system, manage dimming profiles and produce management reports on a basis to suit your individual needs.  Using our service allows you to save money on training and staffing resources and still get all the benefits of CMS.

Please contact us to see how our CMS management service can save you energy and reduce maintenance costs. 

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